Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Big data can be enormously useful to American healthcare. It can make sense of the enormous volume of data the healthcare system generates, and it can use that data to provide actionable insights into options for improved healthcare delivery. There are, however, obstacles to implementing a big data approach that go beyond the simple issue … Continued

Can Big Data Deliver For Healthcare?

If Big Data needs a big industry to prove itself, there’s no better candidate than American healthcare. “Big” only begins to describe an industry in which the National Healthcare Expenditure, one measure of the sector’s size, exceeds $3 trillion. Admittedly, that number is in some dispute, but the dispute centers on the proper accounting treatment … Continued

Safety and the IoT – For Better or Worse

Applications that make use of the Internet of Things and its flood of data can be tremendously beneficial in very practical ways. There are problems, to be sure, but there is enormous promise. Take, for example, just one sector of the economy where the IoT has obvious uses. In transportation, the IoT can facilitate smart … Continued

IoT: Staying Afloat in the Flood of Data

Faced with a flood of data pouring forth from the Internet of Things, what’s a company to do? If you approached the task of turning that data into something predictively useful in the normal way, you wouldn’t get far without great technical sophistication. You’d need Ph.D.-level data scientists just to create a predictive model, and … Continued

The Data Deluge

The volume of data in today’s world seems to be immense, big enough so that we can talk about “Big Data,” but this may well turn out to be only the beginning. There’s every reason to believe that, when it comes to data, we’re actually living in an antediluvian moment. We think we’re dealing with … Continued

Finding A Signal In The Noise

At Elephant Ventures, we live and breathe big data and analytics, but our work doesn’t take us into every nook and cranny of the big data world on a regular basis. Like most firms in the big data arena, we work in mainstream areas in fields like marketing, advertising, manufacturing, finance, health, and national security. … Continued