Generative AI is driving a paradigm shift in digital transformations. It’s creating myriad use cases across industries, from healthcare to financial services.

Success requires action, learning, and overcoming Gen AI’s unique challenges.

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Case study: From innovation lab to production pilot

Overcoming the unique challenges of enterprise Gen AI


A global services firm with over 100,000 employees


Our client's early Gen AI prototype showed promise for reducing manual labor. However, the path from lab to production was unclear; without AI-specific DevOps, tuning traceability, and user-feedback workflows, the team was stalled.


In less than 12 weeks, Elephant deployed an OpenAI-powered proof of concept on serverless Azure infrastructure. Scalability, compliance, and security were key focus areas. Leveraging Elephant’s expertise, tools were created to solve for traceability, tokenization-logic and embedding optimization, and ongoing user feedback at scale.


The production-minded proof of concept confirmed feasibility, and the Gen AI solution was approved for a production pilot. Azure Active Directory SSO provided enterprise-grade security controls. Chunking optimization achieved a 75% cost reduction in OpenAI costs. Traceability and self-service user feedback tools sped up progressive trials by 60% for Product and Engineering.

What our Clients say:

Elephant’s process was impressive to watch. They were able to come in, observe, orient, and build out a clear action plan in a matter of days. Inside a month they were executing on clearly defined and substantive sprints. I’ve never seen a group show up with this level of rigor and efficiency — a testament to both the team and the process they bring to the table.


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