Director of Technology, US


Zahid is our New York City based Director of Technology, bringing over 10+ years of software experience and specializing in team-building, data engineering, and product development.

At Elephant, Zahid is a seasoned tech lead for clients and mentor to Elephant engineers. Zahid owns Elephant’s software design patterns at the infrastructure level and application level, with a focus on in-demand technologies and accelerating value delivery.

Zahid has experience as a full stack engineer, including frontend, backend, DevOps, and database setup and development. At Elephant, he has led efforts to build commercial real estate software, launch healthcare-related apps, plan and execute system migrations, design deployment pipelines, and performance tune database queries for large scale data warehouses.

Previously, he worked as a software engineer with Sapient Nitro, and Valassis Communications. At Sapient Nitro, he built automated quality assurance tools for their design team which drastically cut down manual QA time and cost. At Valassis Communications, he built customer tracking software which focused on detecting fraudulent sales.

Zahid studied computer science at Pace University where he was also a prominent member of the community. He ran computer related events to generate interest in the field, volunteered at outreach events and competitions, and was also a resident advisor for the technology floor of the Pace University dormitories.

Outside of work, you’ll find him working on his hobbies including: hiking, travel, construction, and playing fetch with his dog.

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