Director of Engineering


Miles is a technologist who’s spent more than 15 years in technology-focused leadership roles. His expertise lies in working with large complex organizations to develop solutions that address the needs of diverse stakeholders and leading the development of work to ensure it delivers.

He has worked across a broad range of industries for e-commerce clients such as Prada, Gucci, and Victoria’s Secret as well as media and entertainment companies such as Conde Nast, Billboard, and the NFL. He has been responsible for diverse projects including re-purposing VoIP testing hardware for psychic hotlines, measuring airport luggage conveyor belts using RFID, prototyping WebRTC apps for rural telemedicine, and installing touchscreen kiosks for Tribal Government language preservation programs.

The consistent thread throughout his experience is his ability to be a true partner in service to the greater goals of an organization, working closely with both business owners and user experience specialists to find the right solutions solutions.

Miles graduated from MIT/Sloan with a degree in Management Science and Operations Research.

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