President & Founder


A genuine founder’s story is always at the heart of an admirable company.

Art Shectman started Elephant Ventures because he had a vision of bringing great people together and giving them the space and means to play and explore. His underlying philosophy in life is also his core philosophy in business – “our differences make us better,” and every day, Art encourages people to tap into their unique strengths in order to share a new perspective with the people around them.

Elephant Ventures is a company comprised of people who reflect the power of diverse thinking, diverse backgrounds and quirky personalities, united by a single desire, to freely explore what can be done at the edge of possibility. In addition to EV, Art and one of his fraternity brothers from MIT are the co-founders of Ultranauts. Ultranauts is a software testing service that provides opportunities for people on the Autism Spectrum to tap into what makes them different so they can excel. Four years after being founded, Ultranauts is not only a profitable business, it’s a sustainable engine for social change and one of the largest employers of Autism Spectrum talent in the world.

Art Shectman is not just a remarkable entrepreneur, he’s an entrepreneur with a heart and his heart is what’s made it possible for him to build and lead teams that are capable of doing amazing things with and for others.

Beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits, Art is a friend to many, an incredible father to two wonderful girls, and a loving husband.

Art is an engineer by training and he holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering from MIT.

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