Philippines Managing Engineer


Algef Almocera is a versatile Architect and Software Engineer dedicated to providing quality software adhering to new standards of full stack cloud-based applications. He enjoys sharing his knowledge to both new and seasoned engineers, both in the EV Philippines office and within the community. He provides free training during weekends as part of his hobbies.

Algef’s passion for software engineering runs deep. He started developing applications in 2002 in his second year of high school and used the same skillset to push his way through college. He’s been with three companies during his career and made great contributions at each place. With more than ten years of experience in developing applications catering to different industries and a wide range of tech stacks, he has proven to be a strong leader and to be a great addition to any team. Nowadays, the peak of his interest is into using Big Data and Analytics.

Algef graduated from Lyceum of the Philippines – Laguna with a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Engineering where he was also a part-time professor.

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